Friday, October 23, 2009

Welcome to Dead Moines

This week, the Thursday Evening Movie Club* went to the "one night only" showing of Dead Moines. CT and I, plus a good turn out of friends...thanks for coming everyone! I wish I had been able to arrive earlier and felt better so that I could spend a little more time hanging out.

Dead Moines is a locally created horror flick. I wouldn't call it low budget but small budget definitely applies. I won't say it is the greatest thing that I have ever seen but it is definitely not the fact it was a million times better than 2012:Doomsday, a movie that Jessica wanted to watch the other night (yes, one of those low budgets trying to cash in on the interest and publicity of the big budget movie soon to be received a 1.8 out of 10 stars on IMDB but I think that was generous).

Dead Moines was decent...pretty much what I would expect from a locally made (and amateur) production. It was definitely a great project for people to start honing their talents. Sure it had its share of issues that any small budget film has...but they never represented themselves as Hollywood professionals. You have to take this for what it was...a good starting point. It looked like a bunch of friends got together to make a movie. I really hope these guys continue to develop their skills because there was promise. Plus you always want to support your local artists, musicians, filmmakers, sports teams, restaurants, and strippers. Local is good, be part of the community

My one biggest complaint is that they didn't do a very good job of setting up the story...the story itself was OK, but they didn't set it up well. Basically, three friends from Des Moines go to Chicago for the weekend and when they come back home to DM everyone is missing. The problem is that they really didn't show Des Moines alive. There was basically one shot of children on swings and a scene where a neighbor lady walks past with her dog. The way it was shot, DM looked as dead before they left as when they came back. Could have used some shots of traffic, people walking downtown, people outside mowing their lawns, etc...

Supposedly they had merchandise and DVDs for sale in the lobby but I didn't see them...I was feeling more than a little wonky and cut out as soon as the film was over. If you are interested, I know that you can pick up the DVD at Jays CD and Hobby...I'll probably pick one up next time I am there to support local industry.
*Has never been called this before.


Shannonnicolle said...

Is the Thursday Evening Movie Club similar to the Friday Night Knitting Club?

kelly said...

P.S. - your blog post on the movie actually shows up on the first page of a Google search of Dead Moines movie. Hahaha.

Michael said...

It is probably similar to the knitting club if by knitting you mean drinking, making crude sexual innuendo, and hoping zombies appear.

Damn straight I'm on the first page! I'm important - If you do an image search for "interwebicon" 80% of the images are from this blog (the good images).

kelly said...

Did you guys happen to be in Iowa City over the weekend or is this just coincidence?

Michael said...

Not us in IC, but I support my brothers in arms decision to fight against the evil horde.

I can see how you were mistake, since CT and I are veritable zombie experts* and therefore probably DM's frontline of defense** against zombie attacks, but we would not waste our time punching a guy. The zombie would be decapitated or at least have his skull caved in with a bat. Our motto is "Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Zombie to Live...unless it is a hot female zombie."

**defense defined as 'run away screaming like a 10 year-old school girls'