Friday, October 9, 2009

I Love You Interwebicon

There are so many great things about the Interwebicon - finding out how to do just about anything, learning about anything, buying strange and exotic products, not having to deal with sales people, maps and directions, product reviews, youtube videos, and of course free porn.

I'm not even a huge porn fan...I watched way too many neighborhood kid's "parents' secret stash" porn videos in my developmental years for it to really turn me on anymore. I don't mind it sometimes, but I don't often actively seek it out either. That being said, I do love that almost anything you type in a search of google images (safe mode off - I like to live dangerously) will come up with the most random porn images sprinkled throughout the results.

I don't care about the porn itself, but I enjoy the fact that someone actually took the time to tag their porn site/photo with all these non-related search terms. Of course typing in the names of any of my top five brought up inappropriate images (as I expected) but pretty much anything you type in will pull up something totally inappropriate. I think Google is actually doing a better job to sort these out recently (even with safe mode off) but they still pop up and they always make me laugh. I know when I am searching for Pinball...I really mean I am searching for naked lesbians. Honestly, isn't that what we are all searching for, all the time?
I like to play a game. Before I type in anything, I try to guess which results page will hold the first nudity. Pinball was page 4, I guessed page 10. The interwebicon exceeds all expectations again! I must admit that this particular image did also include a pinball machine it wasn't completely inappropriate. I don't know if it deserved to be in the top 100 though.
Keep me on my toes interwebicon. I like it.

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