Thursday, October 29, 2009

Red Light Cameras

I don't believe in "Red Light Cameras" - the cameras that take pictures of people's license plates who are going through a red light. Partly, I don't believe in these traffic cameras because I don't think citizens need any more invasion into the privacy of their lives by the police department and/or the government. I also believe that law enforcement should be done by humans not by cameras and computers (sorry Robocop). But mostly, I don't believe in them because I don't believe in the given reasons for the cameras: "To Make Us Safer"

It is just not true. It is much easier to make an intersection safer by having a longer yellow light, then a pause between the traffic light turning red and the next light turning green. This will make intersections safer.

If the various police departments and cities would actually say that the Red Light Cameras are to help the police department make money, I would support them. Though my support would be with reservations because of the big brother and privacy issues. However it would be a truthful statement of purpose. It is much cheaper to have a camera citing people 24 hours a day than have a police officer sitting there.

Another thing that they should promote the cameras as doing is "Stopping the assholes who keep turning left even though their light has been red for quite a while." If they could stop this behavior with a camera and keep traffic flowing I would be a strong supporter. I can even name a couple intersections that need these cameras. Just yesterday, I was sitting at an intersection and my light changed to green but I didn't get to go for 90% of the light because people where still turning left in front of me. Out of the 10 cars waiting to go straight, two made it through the light because of these idiots. OK, I guess on second thought the cameras might make it safer because it would eliminate my increasing road rage desire to floor it and T-bone one these inconsiderate fuckers. It's not like this is a one time happens every time at a couple lights and it is getting worse because idiots imitate idiots when they see there is no repercussions.