Friday, March 19, 2010

For Your Delight...

I've decided to start linking to youtube videos the the songs that are stuck in my head on Fridays (you can find them over there on the right -->). This way you can easily share my misery. It is something that I have long planned on doing but have been lazy (and I suck). But starting today 3/19/2010 the links will start. I may go back and link the older songs when I have time.


kelly said...

You don't know the meaning of misery until you've had a song stuck in your head all day long only to realize late that night that it was Pre-School Musical from Sesame Street. FML.

The Zac Efron muppet is pretty bad ass though. Ha.

Michael said...

There's a Pre-School Musical? OMG ...That is awesome.

Puppet Kelsi (Alice Burns in PSM)cracked me up.

The Sharpay and Ryan puppets didn't come across as much as they should have.

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