Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Derby Time - but not the Kentucky Kind

The Mid Iowa Rollers' roller derby season begins next weekend on March 13th.  I highly enjoyed all the bouts that I was able to make last year.  If you are in the DSM area, I suggest you check it out....a good time always had by all.  Skating girls, speed,, fun, fun!  Can't wait to see the new team in action.


Cameron Ted said...

Will they still have stoopid names like "naked Lady 69er" and "Whore MsGee"

Michael said...

Oh yeah, you know there are going to be some fun/awesome/horrible names and numbers. It's all in good fun. "#6 with Eggrolls" still cracks me up. Rumor is that there will be a big bout at Hy-Vee hall on April 3rd. Looking forward to that too.