Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two Minutes Hate

Door Mounted Exercise Equipment

I am trying to get more fit, so I am paying slightly more attention to commercials for exercise equipment.  Door Mounted Equipment seems to be the trend now with all kinds of pull-up bars, bungee straps, and pulley type machines now available.  I'm sure they all work fine, with one major exception - does anyone actually have a place to do this?  On the commercial it looks nice...they have a nice big doorway, without a door, in the middle of the wall, and the wall is in a huge open space.  No furniture, no perpendicular walls, no hallways to get in the way or crowd the space.  I don't have a doorway like this.  All my door jambs have doors and are very offset to one end of the room...so doing any exercise, I would feel very cramped and limited by the wall four inches to my side.  I know I wouldn't be getting full extension, I know I wouldn't be comfortable, I just can't see it as viable exercise equipment.  It is not as ridiculous as the $15,000 ROM that needs a complete room to itself, but I just can't imagine 90% of people able to comfortably use door mounted equipment.  I've been checking every house I've been in for the last couple months and have yet to see a doorway that would work well.  There were a couple closets that might work, but who wants to do pull ups with a closet full of clothing pushing against them?  Not me.

It's a nice idea in theory, I just haven't seen a house that it would work well in...at least for me.  Your experience may vary.  I just think there are going to be a lot of these at garage sales in a year or two.  of course, I may also just be lazy and finding any excuse not to exercise.

End Hate


Cameron Ted said...

if you get the ROM for the trial, I will come over and use it 4 minutes every day for the trial perdiod.

And you aren't thinking "outside the box" you could build a door frame in the garage adn use it there, and if the weather is nice, pull it out tot he Drive, or you could put it on the out side of your front door.

See I am a problem solver.

Michael said...

You are SO right! I never considered my front door...I am sure my neighbors would enjoy a good laugh watching me struggle with my third chin-up.

Gabby said...

I have a door opening that's 6 feet wide. Actually I have 2. :D

kelly said...