Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Music for a Mood

I am feeling really down and depressed today...many reasons but mostly just because I am a moody bitch at times (and I suck).

Misery loves company, or so they say...I don't really want to make anyone else unhappy but it definitely helps me to listen to someone else's misery in song form.  What can I say...someone cool like that being emotionally fucked up helps me deal with my own feelings.

Here are my top 3 beautiful/horrible songs for when I am feeling like I fucked up my life.

Brick by Ben Folds Five

Thankfully, I have never been in this situation but I think they captured the emotions perfectly.  Who hasn't felt like the were drowning in a relationship or feeling totally alone when with someone?  I first heard this song when I was a college DJ filling in for some one's shift on Valentines Day (I had no plans as I was a loser - not much has changed).  We regularly played BFF but I had never listened to a whole album.  Some random girl who sounded vaguely upset called in and requested this song.  During the song, I wished *69 worked on campus because I really think she needed a hug because this was the least Valentines Day song that I had ever heard.  Whoever you are - I still wonder about you not only every time I hear this song, but every Valentines Day too...I hope everything worked out (thanks for pointing out this song to me).

Slow Motion by Third Eye Blind

This is my favorite 3eb song...but man it is powerful and depressing.  I can always listen to this song and think that at least I am not THIS screwed up (yet).

Hurt by Johnny Cash

Of course I knew this as an NIN song well before this cover.  But damn Johnny owns this!  There is something about him being towards the end of his life that makes this song so much more can really feel the pain, you know there is no time for redemption here.

There are many more...but these are the top three that always bring me a little comfort in depression.


Lax Guy said...

I agree that Cash's Hurt is spectacular. I would put this down as the absolute best song he has ever recorded.

kelly said...

Man, you're remiss in failing to link the offical Hurt video. All those images from his life, with June alongside. Powerful.

Michael said...

I know, I know...great song and video - I was going for consistency with the lyrics.

I love J Cash and he has some awesome songs. It was a stroke of genius to have him cover this song...good job Rick Rubin.