Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Two Minutes Hate

eBay Outage Warnings

OK, there aren't eBay outages anymore...really there haven't been in 10 years. In the beginning there were issues every once in a while, not often but enough that some people were pissed about missing out on an auction due to server slow-down or whatever (personally I think a lot of it had to do with people and their dial-up access.)

In 1997 when a lot of sellers use to put in their auction listing "eBay is famous for its outages, place your bid now. Don't wait." It was stupid, it didn't really make me want to buy from that person because it made it seem like they were a snake oil salesmen. Seriously, isn't this just playing on fear...weak as it may be. "Buy Now Before It Is Too Late! You'll Be Sorry!" Unfortunately, so many people had this stupid message in their descriptions that it was almost impossible to avoid it completely.

I wasn't ever sorry and actually never had an issue with any of the auctions that I bid on. Never had an outage or slow server that caused me to miss out on anything that I wanted. 'Couse, I also not one of those "Sniper" people who wait till the last minute either. If I am interested in something, I bid what I am willing to pay and forget about the auction - maybe I win, maybe I lose a week later. I don't really check on them because I have already bid what I am willing to pay. To me it is a completely stress-free way of bidding and you don't get caught in any bidding wars. If I don't win, the item is almost always guaranteed to come up again.

The warnings were stupid then...they are completely idiotic now. Yes, some people still put this type of thing in their auction listings. I thought this had died years ago (and rightly so) but I have seen it several times in the past couple months. Idiots. When was the last time anyone has really heard of an eBay outage? I am sure there has been some, but I can't believe they have had much impact on anything (I doubt they ever did). I can't tell you how much it annoys me that people still put this in their auction listings - now do they not only seem like snake oil salesmen but also way behind the times. Might as well have your description list "Totally Tubular To the Max!" or "Super Keen." I hate these people. If you buy from these people, I think the terrorists have already won.

End Hate (now 23 skiddoo!)


Cameron Ted said...

a few things.
1) the terrorist already have won, see the patriot act and the fact I have to take off my shoes to board a plane.
2) maybe it is just you looking up particular items, I for one have never seens this warning.
3) I hate my word verification today "innest" Wheere is the bird? innest? Hump your sister? Innest?
4) 23 Skiddoo? you are such and ell seven daddy-o.. I less than three fun phrases

Michael said...

1) Yes, the terrorists have won.
2) True...I look up retarded shit
3) I hate the word verification but was getting too many spam comments. There is just so many Japanese porn sites that I want to deal with on a daily basis.
4) L7? I don't get it (joking)