Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

I don't like to get very political on this blog.  You have your views, I have mine.  Yes, I know I have gotten slightly political in the a few days ago with the Sarah Palin joke, mostly because I thought it was funny.

But I am going to get slightly political right now, sorry.

You too can own a whole line of Obama Dictator wear.

Seriously people - you are calling President Obama a dictator because he pushed for and eventually got health care reform.  Really?  Dictator?  You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.  Of course we have free speech so you can say that all you want (free speech in a dictatorship, crazy talk).  Just because you disagree with some one's policy doesn't make them a dictator...or any of the other stupid phrases that you say.  Saying that kind of thing basically just makes you looking like a fucking idiot.

I am trying to see how this makes the President a dictator - all I can think of is that you lost the right to not have health insurance.  Personally, I hope this is a good thing for people.  I know several people who have pre-existing conditions and have major issues getting health insurance and therefore the health care they need to live...but I can see how you would be upset about losing your right not to have insurance.

Since you are all about personal freedom...I am glad you were out fighting the renewal of the Patriot Act (an act that in my opinion eroded more of our rights and civil liberties than anything else since the founding of the country).  Burden of Proof, Evidence,Warrants for wiretapping and spying, Oversight and Accountability for government agencies, ability to refute National Security Letters - I guess you don't think we need any of those.  Oh wait, you didn't fight that because "your team" was in charge at the time?

I'm not for the Democrats or the Republicans...I just want our country to work as well as possible. I'm not sure if the health care reform will work or not, but I do know that health care hasn't been working for many people for years. We need to try to find some way to make it work.  My tax dollars pay for a lot of things that I don't like, health care for everyone is one of those things that I don't mind contributing to.

Oh, I might also like to add that just because you think the Health Care Reform is socialism, that doesn't make the President a dictator.  Those are two very different concepts.


Lax Guy said...

Bravo. Especially the last paragraph. Socialist, maybe. Dictator, definitely not.
I am definitely not an Obama lover (or a Bushie), but I honestly believe he is doing what he thinks is right and best for this country. I think he has too high of an opinion about the average American though.
We are not creatures from the Land of Sunshine and Rainbows that sing songs of love and harmony - and mean it. We are by and large selfish and/or lazy creatures with very few shining examples to the contrary. But many of us are trying to change for the better. If his healthcare plan does what he wants it to in a positive way then it was a good decision and the critics will look like assholes. If it becomes Welfare Part 2 - Another Abused System, then not so much.

Cameron Ted said...

I like this one:

not sure how you cleverly hide links inside other words....

Michael said...

Thanks LG. I agree, I don't care who is in charge...I just care if they are trying to make a difference for the better. Some things will work, some won't but when the status quo is not working for many people we need to at least try something. I hope it does not devolve into a abused program.
I just think it is stupid that our government has just become a system where one side fights the other side just because they are the other side, not for any personal beliefs or moral standing or what your constituents believe.

Michael said...


Ha ha - True that...but I am sure they will find a way.

Cameron Ted said...

OK trying it now....

click here for a funny shirt

Michael said...

CT - works perfect. It is nice for long web addys...this one wasn't too bad but I have seen some that 10 lines long.

kelly said...

"I hope it does not devolve into a abused program."

Hahaha. Seriously, do you forget what country you live in? We're already a good way toward Idiocracy. Raging cases of the Gimme-Gimme's everywhere. I think the average guy thinks they are gonna get everything for free now, and that they won't have to pay a thing now because the gub'mint and all those *rich* people are gonna pay. I'll be interested to read about their surprise when they realize that they actually have to pay for an insurance policy, even if it is mostly subsidized. I think there will be an outcry, "I shouldn't have to pay for any of it! Obama said!"

I'm all for getting people the health care that they need. Pre-existing condition clauses and dropping people from coverage is unconscionable. Profit over people is the worst business decision possible.

I would require that anyone receiving assistance would need to actually take care of themselves, though. Require exercise programs. Fix the cause of the problem, not the symptoms. Most everything we are shelling out billions of dollars for anymore is preventable but we're just too lazy. We have a "sick care" system now, not a "helath care" system.

I would also require that anyone getting food stamp assistance would only be allowed to purchase a small range of essentials, and that a photo debit card that only that person can use be allowed. Basically, I would make all of these programs such a pain in the ass to use that it would encourage people to find a way to not have to depend on them. Why should it be easier to get free shit than it is to go out and bust your ass and provide for yourself?

But then again, I'm an elitist asshole, I should just shut up and be happy that I only paid 30 something percent tax, not including all the sales taxes, property taxes, fuel taxes, etc, etc. I predict we'll be paying 60 something percent by the time we get to retire. If we get to retire.

Gabby said...

I agree Kelly. Perfectly put.