Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Two Minutes Hate


I am not the first person to hate modern Mtv as they have long forsaken everything that they once stood for and have become what the original haters have always claimed Moron Television.  Maybe it was all an illusion - maybe it wasn't all about the music or about changing the world.  But man, that illusion was powerful back in the day.  Remember "Choose or Lose"?  Remember "I want my Mtv"?  Mtv could pack a punch and get people motivated...but music played a large part.

It has slowly been making a comeback in the early morning, but I think everyone knows music is pretty much gone from Mtv (which makes me glad that they dropped the "Music Television" slogan from their logo...because they haven't been for a long, long time).  It is sad really, there is a whole group of young people now that Mtv only means Jersey Shore or 16 and Pregnant with videos being minor filler.

But what really makes me angry is that this morning I turn it on and there is some video countdown for something or other...I don't care what the countdown is for, I just wanted some music and videos while I am getting ready for work.  I don't expect much...10 songs, average song length 3.5 - 4 minutes equals 33 to 40 minutes of music max with a lot of commercials, stupid VJ interruptions, etc... but at least half music, right?  After all, the average hour long TV show is about 40-43 minutes of content, so it is about right.  They played some videos alright but they played less than half of any video besides the top 3.  Really Mtv?  Stupid VJ, 60 seconds of a video, 3 minutes of commercials, then 60 seconds of a video?  Why would I watch that?  I want to see and hear music, I hope for at least equal time with commercials and the other crap your force on me.  But it wasn't even close.  I had planned to write a post this week congratulating you on starting to bring music back over the past year but instead I am even more unsatisfied with your cock-tease video segments.  I didn't think you could show less video content than you did on TRL, but once again I underestimated your suckiness.

End Hate

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